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2005 Inn under Construction

"The earth is full of his unfailing love." (Psalm 33:5)

Photo Notes: Racquel's drawing of my desk (photo 1). The front of the inn was forest so Racquel created a swing for herself during construction (photo 2). Our family was living in a few rooms in the inn's basement all during construction but before the walls and roof were completed, it was coooold (photo 3). Harry, Erika, Erik and I and our children managed to keep loving each other in spite of exhaustion of our family building the inn together over a 4.5 year period (photo 4).

Introduction: I was desperate. After a year and a half of working on my laptop at a kitchen table (in an effort to save funds while building the Nestleton Waters Inn); a table which was not ergonomically helpful in the least, and after suffering from lower back, wrist, and neck pain, and of late headaches... I finally broke down and told my family we had to spend the money to get a proper desk. We went shopping. The big box stores produced expensive versions of office cubicle desks, with small keyboard trays that would not hold my laptop, and generally uninspiring cheap chipboard product. My husband refused to buy stuff that wouldn’t last and looked instead online to find something of quality... but it was going to cost too much by the time we added in taxes and delivery, especially since we needed not one but two desks (one for our office manager also). He shook his head and said sadly, “I just don’t see how we can do it. I can’t see spending this much money on furniture when we still don’t have our kitchen up and running yet.” We had a bit of an argument about it and I got frustrated with him, adamant that the business was doing well and we could afford to look after both the kitchen and office in the coming months.

Later the next morning as Erik and I lay in bed each reading our Bibles but not speaking, a quiet gentle thought convicted me, “Don’t be mad at your husband for being careful and thorough. Those are some of the many qualities that you love about him. Why not ask me for help?” I leaned over and snuggled with my husband and prayed out loud, “Lord, please provide us with two desks that are quality furniture, matching, and at a price we can afford. We need your help, and I believe you know what to do about our dilemma.” Then a thought entered my mind, “Why not go see what “Double Discount” has?” This store mostly carried beds and living room furniture, not desks, but what could it hurt? Maybe we could look through their catalogues? They always had nice stuff for a good price.

Our trip was delayed and we arrived so late in the evening after a 40 minute drive to get there we weren’t sure it would even be open, but Richard met us at the door. When we asked about a desk he said, “Come right this way. We just got some in last week!” Unbeknownst to me a week earlier a quality “Ashley” desk had finally been delivered to “Double Discount” furniture store in Whitby, Ontario, all the way from the warehouse Arcadia, Wisconsin having been purchased at a furniture show by Double Discount owners Nadia and Paul in Las Vegas in September of 2009 the year before. Just the day before my prayer, an Ashley rep had come by to mark it down as it had suffered a couple insignificant dings in the delivery process... We found this beautiful walnut wood desk, just the right size and color, with a deep tray suitable for a laptop. I was thrilled and asked about ordering a second and what the price would be. Amazingly, they gave us both for what we would have paid for one at the big box store.... Wow!

How many times had I breathed a prayer only to have it answered seemingly so easily and quietly that the gesture was simply overlooked within a few days? And why does God perform “little” miracles like this? Love... Unfailing love. I've written a couple of these miracle stories here just for fun... there are so many more. Perhaps some day I'll have occasion to write them too! They all fit together like a puzzle, each piece leaving a message for our hearts!

Puzzle Piece: God loves us. We are heard.