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“Thank you for the visit. The gifts and donation were much appreciated.
The children were truly blessed!"
(2010 Matumaini Orphanage, Kenya)


Week in and week out, wedding couples and guests at Nestleton Waters Inn give to the Kiezebrink family sharing their honored and special moments of weddings, family reunions, and so on. We want to give too as giving makes everyone feel good! Nestleton extends best wishes to these charities, businesses, individuals, etc. who have received support from Nestleton since its opening!

2013 Durham Hospice, Good Shepherd School, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Precious Minds, The Family Place

2012 Stilettos for the Cure, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clarington, United Way, Durham Hospice (support for those dealing with death), Teen Challenge Canada (two women being sponsored monthly for abuse rehabilitation) and The Family Place, Community Living Oshawa, Clarington, Precious Minds, Raise the Roof for Youth, William's Point Children's Playground Fundraiser, Polo for Hope, and Girls Inc of Durham.
2011 Precious Minds (a charity that helps local children with barriers to learning), Stilettos for the Cure (cancer research), United Way, Habitat for Humanity Durham (housing for those in need), William's Point Children's Playground Fundraiser, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Durham Deaf Services.
2010 and prior: Precious Minds, Durham Community Foundation, Scugog Shores Museum, Canoe the Nonquon, Voice for the Hearing Impaired Children, Big Brothers, Durham Christian Homes (Seniors' Housing), Scugog Christian School, United Way Comedy Festival, Scugog in Bloom, Scugog Shores Heritage Centre, Music for Haiti (local fundraiser after earthquake).

In 2012 Nestleton Waters Inn was able to contribute a 3rd water well via Water for Life for developing countries! Inspired by Lady Susan Wood in 2010's Africa trip, the Kiezebrinks had the privilege of sponsoring two ladies in Kenya, Africa in 2011 with funds to start up businesses selling cooking fuel! In 2012 one of these business loans is already repaid and will be reused by other women to start up businesses to help support their families. 2012 marks the second year to sponsor an orphan living with her grandparents in Kenya, with funds for school and food. It's also the second year to give monthly sponsorship for a family working through Youth With a Mission Canada specifically helping in Columbia. One of their 2011 highlights mentioned was participating in bringing relief to 1000 families in the form of 7 tonnes of clothing, and 600 food packages (as well as 600 Christmas packages) to people suffering because of flooding and landslides. 

In 2010, in addition to reaching their goal of supplying a water well for a developing country, the Kiezebrink's returned to Deborah's childhood homeland of Kenya, Africa. There they had the privilege of visiting and bringing assistance to Matumaini Orphanage (providing education and care for mentally and physically handicapped children).  They also received an excellent tutorial on nurturing a community through partnership with nationals while visiting the Masai Mara and meeting the Director of Africa Mission Services (an NGO that built schools, churches, a clinic, and clean water projects mostly amongst the Masaai tribespeople).


While visiting the former Karen Blixen estate (of the Award Winning Film "Out of Africa"), where "Kazuri" (Swahili for small and beautiful) is, they encountered something so inspiring! Here one woman Lady Susan Wood back in 1975 began an effort to supply two women with work, which then blossomed to providing jobs for single moms in the hundreds. Together they make hand-made beads into jewellry which is now sold all over the world. Spontaneously as Erika, Deborah, Ruth and Racquel were visiting the factory the women rose and began to dance and sing in Swahili a song of worship and thanks to God. They sang without bitterness at the hardship they endure, without hesitation for a difference of culture or language. With joy and with love they ended by coming over to take the Kiezebrinks hands to ask them to dance and sing with them. By the end all were in tears, and then the happy group simply sat back down to work. Deborah did her best to capture some of the singing before her battery died. Go Kazuri women! Watch this video!