We were shocked when Celia Klementz (Photographer) and David Stell (Freelance Reporter) contacted us about a story on the Inn before we were even finished construction. I remember walking David around the property and sharing with him our big dreams of what each suite would look like when all he and Celia could see inside was plywood floors and a bit of paint on the walls. We’d levelled our country home and lived in storage mode in the basement with only our vision and some elbow grease, as our building project stretched into 4+ years. By this time word was spreading about our opening and guests were booked to come late summer, but we still were scrambling to complete the mammoth project.

David wrote, “Erik who patiently drew with pencil and paper every angle and dimension of what is now constructed acknowledges, “It’s rewarding to see something you’ve dreamed up take shape. However, I think that the whole family would agree that should we ever dream up something like this again, we’d all be content to see someone else build it,” he added in good humour.” David’s article with Celia’s beautiful photos, hit the newsstands and then calls really began to come in. The problem is, we still weren’t close to being set for our first guests to arrive...

 Then something amazing happened! I sent out an email prayer for help and over a period of two weeks over 50 friends and in some cases friends-of-friends who said “I heard what is happening here and I wanted to help!” showed up! They assisted us with painting, laying flooring, plumbing, installing toilets, assembling furniture, cleaning, and hanging pictures. Our first guests were four hours late and we’d just finished making the beds and caulking the last shower when they arrived! Thankfully their experience was positive. Since then over 1500 guests have stayed here from all over the world, South Africa, Japan, China, New York, Scotland, Israel, Costa Rica, Vancouver...and 25 couples have enjoyed weddings here in our first year of business!

So here’s a big thank you to... you know who you are, for being angels and helping us out.  Thank you for believing in us and for helping us live a dream! You’re the best! And I must also thank God for faithfulness to provide all those times when short of “winning the lottery”, we had no idea how we’d pay for the construction of this place. Miracles do happen! Love can make all the difference!



  1. Brian & Marlyn Baluca (Philippines) on April 7, 2010 at 10:34 PM said:
    Wonderful story! I pray God will continue to prosper this business!
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