Jun 5/10 Mark & Sangeetah:  It has been our privilege to assist you with the planning of your wedding.  You embraced all of the intricate details that defined you as a couple and what resulted was a completely personalized wedding day with a decidedly outdoor theme.  From the beautifully engraved name place “card” branches for each guest, to the table number “trees” named for your favorite camping spots in Ontario to the signature drinks and silent slideshow which ran throughout the day, clearly Sangeetah & Mark, you are made for each other! Your pristine white palette was made even more elegant with your choice of simple table accent pieces in crystal displaying gorgeous yellow orchids and hot pink roses.  I have to say though that the “can’t take your eyes away” moment was Sangeetah’s journey down in the aisle wearing your jeweled langa which literally glistened, and twinkled in the sunlight during your intimate outdoor ceremony.  The captivation with your wedding attire lasted the entire evening. Sangeetah & Mark, everyone at Nestleton Waters Inn wishes you great joy for a beautiful married life together and thank you for letting each of us play a part in your special day.  What a nice touch to make Deborah and I personalized name place branches too… (written by: Claudia Kent, Wedding Coordination Manager)


Jun 1/10 Max & Aleksandra:  What a delight to have a groom so involved in the details of planning a wedding for his Russian bride! Your passion was a vision! You hand selected fine details like the white carriage and white horse that delivered your bride to the ceremony, the white dove release, the imported Russian caviar, the Pierrel a Epernay France Brut Champagne, and the special lighting effects for your glorious first dance with your new wife on the terrace overlooking the water. What a breathtaking pair you are and we wish you both the best life together! (written by: Deborah Kiezebrink, Owner)


May 29/10 Teresa & Robb:  We worked together for over a year.  Each and every meeting we shared, each and every decision you made, and each and every step we took, brought us closer and closer to this day.  We have the privilege of assisting many brides make their first step through the breezeway and travelling down the aisle to their groom, and watching Teresa with Robb’s two sons make their way to the waiting groom, her eyes completely focused on the handsome gentleman waiting to exchange vows at the arbor was both touching and moving.  Our pet name, “Heart Throb Robb” will always identify you in our hearts.  Your taste of elegant satin, champagne and taupe shades was simply put, the very best choice.  The reception looked spectacular.  We loved hosting your family and hope to see you when you are on a day trip on your Harleys.  Our best for a long and happy future! (written by: Claudia Kent, Wedding Coordination Manager)


May 22/10 Gordana & Stephen:  When you combine excellent taste, a seven course dinner with wine pairing, a designer Alfred Sung gown and live musicians with a weekend in the country at our fabulous Estate, you have a wedding made in paradise.  We are thrilled that we were able to offer you exactly what you wanted and deserved.  Reliving your wedding through photos is leaving us breathless with the beauty and elegance that reigned the day.  Please come and stay with us again! (written by: Claudia Kent, Wedding Coordination Manager)


Vendors Corner Highlight:  We trust anyone who has experienced a wedding day at Nestleton Waters Inn has appreciated the joy, bliss and complete satisfaction delivered by our excellent vendors. This week, we highlight our cake bakers.  Delicious, patient and creative only begin to describe our fabulous cake bakers.  Any design, flavor, and style await you during your consultation with one of our bakers with their sweet ideas.  You don’t just order your wedding cake or cupcakes; you make educated decisions while sampling fillings, cakes and icings.  Choose decorative fondant, the artist’s palette or the ultimate butter cream that leaves you licking your lips.  Select from so many fillings (we help you narrow them down) and why choose only one cake for your three tier cake – our bakers let you choose a different flavor for each tier?  Compromise starts here. Top your cake with beautiful edible gum paste flowers or details, or choose fresh flowers or other personalized cake toppers.  There are so many options.  Bring your pictures and ideas and create your dream wedding cake with our professionals. Specialty cakes including gluten free are available. So Sweet! (written by: Claudia Kent, Wedding Coordination Manager)


Apr 3/10 Tanya & LaPonne:  It’s an honor when a personal friend refers a family member, and especially when the groom would fly up from California for his wedding at the Inn without ever having seen it! What an amazing experience, from the guys’ white suits with top hats, to your personalized handmade florals, to David’s terrific emcee job, to the dreamy yellow dresses the bridesmaids wore, to the amazing weather for that time of year, to watching the bride and groom dance. What a treat! Tanya you were so stunning in your white Cinderella ballgown. Your family and friends were such a delight and we were thrilled to share your special day. Congratulations! (written by: Deborah Kiezebrink, Owner)


Feb 11/10 Nadine & Keith:  What excited us about this intimate winter wedding (not just because it was Valentine’s Day Weekend!) was that you both wanted to embrace the outdoors and hold the ceremony by our arbor, in the snow, in February!  Your colour scheme was true to the celebration; silver and deep burgundy.   Loved that you took my suggestion of wearing Ughs and was delighted with our amazing photographer who captured them perfectly.  The other detail that touched us was how you blended your families with rings for each of your sons along with your own.  The warm apple cider with cinnamon sticks and the horse and carriage ride completed the day just as you wanted it. Warmed by the fire, with your family and friends, as the gentle snow fell, the waterside lounge was filled with your love and a wonderful dining experience.  We can’t think of anything more perfect than sharing your wedding day with you.  Our best wishes. (written by: Claudia Kent, Wedding Coordination Manager)

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