Manfred Suite(German “Strength, Peace”)
Greta Room(German “a Pearl”)
Cameo Suite(Italian “Sculptured Jewel”)
Mapenzi Suite(Swahili “Beloved”)
Bahandi Suite(Tagalog “Rich Treasure”)
Morgandy Suite(Celtic “Little One from the Edge of the Sea”)
Tirrike Suite(Aboriginal “Laughter, Joy”)
Taworri Suite(Aboriginal “Evening Breeze”)
Hayden Suite(British “Rosy Meadow”)
Chantal Suite(French “Song”)

“This is a gorgeous estate! Every room in this place
is uniquely decorated...the food was fabulous!”
(2009 Pickering Guest)


“Where there’s music, there can be love!” French Proverb

Chantal Suite (French “Song”)

In the Chantal, enjoy carpeted floors, white fireplace, leather bed and seating... settle into scenes of Paris.  

Located: by work-out room in basement
Décor: chocolate browns, white, and toile
Contains: 3 piece ensuite with oversize shower and unique trough sink, leather sleeper couch for children only, Queen carved bed.

A New Adventure Every Visit!
Suites are uniquely themed from around the world. All have ensuite bathrooms, most with air jet tubs for two, electric fireplaces, chandeliers, all with therapeutic mattresses, “Health-guard Protection” mattress covers, 32” flat screen LCD TVs, and DVD players, Satellite TV, sitting areas, and more.