“Wonderful hospitality...Everyone enjoyed
their stay, the food, and the beauty..."
(2011 Guest)

"Cocktails by Candlelight" Menu: 
Food Station Choices are served on square side plates or other appropriate smaller dishes, as this is predominantly a social cocktail party (full guest seating available in tent, but limited if inside the Inn). NWI provided glassware (wine and water glasses) are made available at the bar. The appropriate plates/cutlery are available at each station. (Also included are: Kitchen equipment as required by menu, Set up and uniformed service staff, Host on the food, Kitchen staff)

create your own formal or informal gathering where your choice of 4 bite size appetizers are circulated on white china serving platters decorated to compliment our event theme. 

• Chicken - Grilled chicken satay with Thai peanut sauce, Blackened chicken satay with jalapeno pineapple salsa, Tarragon chicken satay served with feta cheese dip, Curried apricot almond chicken in mini wonton baskets, Shredded chicken wraps with asparagus, cheese and cilantro humus
• Seafood - Louisiana crab cakes with pineapple, cilantro chutney, Curried shrimp cakes with mango bell pepper salsa, Shrimp phyllo triangles, Smoked trout Mousse Canapés on toast points, Smoked salmon and dill biscuits, Maple glazed Salmon on puff pastry pillows
• Beef, Pork and Lamb - Greek style roasted garlic and minted meatballs, Pumpkin and bacon bundles, Thai marinated pork tenderloin medallions around shallots, Leek and prosciutto frittatas, Marinated bocconcini wrapped with prosciutto, Mini corn muffins filled with smoked ham and green tomato chutney, Crisp Fried Ravioli served with a tomato basil pesto sauce or green peppercorn sauce
• Vegetarian - Artichoke and potato pancakes, Grilled Polenta medallions with artichokes, feta and feta dip, Zucchini Fritters with Ginger Dipping Sauce, Arancini served with a warm tomato basil dipping sauce (Italian Rice, cheese and pork Balls), Three Cheese, artichoke and mushroom Volevents, Mushroom and Leek Pastry, Bruschetta & Feta on baguette, Assorted grilled vegetable mini quiche, Wild mushroom and cheese palmiers, Double baked baby red potatoes stuffed with a selection of roasted garlic and peppers, asparagus and chestnuts, broccoli and mushrooms, Mini wraps with avocado, cucumber and cilantro humus, Thai baked spring rolls with a spicy lime dipping sauce, Mini Grilled vegetable strudel served with a roasted pepper dip, Falafel with tomato salsa, Rustic onion and pepper tarts, Savory cheddar and bacon truffles, Asiago phyllo sesame straws served with a roasted pepper dip, Soup Shooters choose from our soup selections served in shooter glasses, Mini Tea Biscuits with Chocolate Cream and Sliced Strawberries, Potato Pancakes with Brie and red chili chutney, Eggplant and potato tarts 

APPETIZER PLATTER CHOICES served on a Stationary Table (Choose 2):
• Cheese Boards - A selection of Canadian and imported cheeses garnished with fresh fruit and accompanied by baskets of assorted crackers.
• Antipasto Tray - A selection of marinated olives, artichoke hearts & mushrooms, grilled eggplant, zucchini and peppers, Genoa wrapped chevre, provolone cheese, bocconcini cheese marinated in fresh basil and balsamic pesto, pickled vegetables, Bastoni bread
• Garden Vegetables with duo of dips - A generous selection of garden fresh vegetables heaped in a rustic basket
• Pate and Terrine Platter - Herb pate, salmon pate, mushroom pate and roasted red pepper terrine served with assorted chutneys and herbed toasts
• Assorted Mini Wraps Platter - A selection of grilled pesto chicken, Teriyaki beef, julienne and grilled vegetables, flavoured humus’ rolled into spinach and tomato wraps.
• Humus Platter - A selection of Traditional Garlic Humus, Roasted Red Pepper Humus, Charred Onion Humus, Smoked Salmon Humus, and Grilled Artichoke Humus served with a basket of Grilled Pitas.
• Spinach and Pumpernickel - Whole pumpernickel loaf filled with spinach dip and accompanied by an additional load cubed for dipping
• Stuffed Edam Cheese - Served with tortilla chips and rustic toasts
• The Mediterranean - This is an amazing basket filled with 6 dips: Melitzanosalata - dip of baked eggplant, onion, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and spices; Humus - an exotic dip made of chickpeas tahini, onions, and herbs; Tirokafteri - feta cheese blended with hot peppers, yogurt and extra virgin olive oil; Tappenade - an olive pesto dip; Tirosalata - feta, sun dried tomatoes, cream cheese, sour cream and herbs; Skordalia - roasted garlic and red peppers, cheese and fresh herbs.  Accompanied by lots of rustic breads and grilled pitas.

2 FOOD STATION CHOICES & 3 ENTREE PLATTERS Included (Served for 1 Hour): *You can also add an extra station edible fruit or vegetable centrepiece $TBD 
PASSED FOOD STATION CHOICES served buffet style to your guests:
• Mashed Potato Station – Mashed Potatoes served in a stemless martini glass with your choice of toppings including: sour cream, butter, chives, crispy bacon bits, grated three cheeses, and/or gravy.
• Quesadilla Station - A truly fun filled station. Your guests will choose from a selection of ingredients to create their own personal quesadilla. Traditional, spinach and sun dried tomato soft mini-tortilla shells filled with grilled chicken, a trio of cheeses, mushrooms, peppers and sweet red onions. Grilled to order and then accompanied by sweet and spicy salsa, guacamole and sour cream.
• Hot Rock Satay Station - Assorted chicken, beef and pork satay skewers, that you can garnish with your choice of tzatziki, hot & sour sauce, spicy Thai peanut sauce, and teriyaki sauce along with baskets of grilled pita breads.
• Salad Station -
Traditional Caesar Salad: crisp hearts of romaine, herbed oven baked croutons and our very own creamy garlic dressing.
Leafless Greek Salad: Roma tomatoes, English cucumbers, feta cheese, Calamata olives, green peppers and oregano vinaigrette.
Penne Pesto Salad: with grilled vegetables. Green Bean Vinaigrette: with mushrooms, peppers and roasted garlic dressing.
Roasted Potatoes: with roasted eggplant, peppers, sweet onion, garlic and olive oil and parsley tossed in oregano, feta cheese dressing.
• Hot Soup Station: Cream soups will be displayed in silver samovars. Heartier soups will be displayed and served from terrines. Curried Carrot with cashews and coriander, Hearty Minestrone, Seafood or Chicken Gumbo, Shrimp Bisque, Cream of Mushroom and Chive, Apple Pepper Squash, French Onion with homemade croutons, Scallop Chowder, OR Cauliflower and Roasted Corn. Soup served in a small white cup with a side slice of baguette on a saucer.
• Salmon and Shrimp Station (ADD $6 MORE/PERSON) - An arrangement of smoked salmon with caper butter and red onion relish, grilled salmon with cilantro cream on baguette toasts, shrimp poached in ginger beer served with red pepper dip, and blackened shrimp served with a mango chutney. Served with pumpernickel and rustic breads.
• Savory French Pastry (ADD $6 MORE/PERSON) - Savory croquembouche filled with rosemary cured ham mousse and drizzled with balsamic caramel, lemon thyme éclairs with lobster and corn salad, asiago cheese crisps with chevre and roasted red peppers, puff pastry cornets with toasted walnut, stilton and red flame grapes, crepes suzette of grilled breast of chicken with Grand Marnier and hot pepper Seville orange marmalade, Herb de Provence Napoleons of field asparagus and smoked chicken salad, grilled vegetable terrine with herbed toast points, chive Madeleines with cognac and smoked oyster pate, green olive and yellow pepper palmiers.

ENTREE PLATTER CHOICES (choose 3) served buffet style to our guests:
• Smoked Salmon and Shrimp Display - Garnished with lemons, capers and red onion slivers, served with dill cream cheese, cocktail sauce and black breads and bagel bites
• Cold Grill Platter - A platter of grilled and then chilled Dijon and herb crusted tenderloin of beef and spinach stuffed chicken medallions served with caramelized onion chutney, a selection of mustards and a basket of 12-grain bread and baguettes
• Quartered Sandwich Tray - A selection of albacore tuna, sockeye salmon, gherkin egg salad, shaved roast beef with horseradish sauce, Virginia ham with Swiss cheese, and pastrami and Dijon, all served on whole wheat and white breads
• Stuffed Baguette Platter - Bakery baguette stuffed with choice of: grilled chicken caramelized onions and cheese, baked salmon and asparagus with a caper cream cheese, antipasto with layered grilled vegetables & herbed goat cheese.
• Fancy Open Faced Sandwiches  - Smoked salmon with cream cheese and red onions, Baby shrimp with fresh dill, Summer salami with sweet gherkins, Shaved roast beef with horseradish sauce, Grilled vegetables with a red pepper sauce, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, feta and red onions
• South West Nacho Platter - Seasoned cilantro beef or chicken on a shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, green onions, Canadian cheddar, black beans, on a bed of taco seasoned sour cream served with oven baked tortillas and guacamole.

DESSERT Included (Served for 1 Hour): *You can also add an extra station edible fruit or vegetable centrepiece $TBD based on choice. 
1) Choose 1 Dessert Buffet Item per 10 People
DESSERT BUFFET CHOICES: Carrot Cake, Triple Berry Strudel, Strawberry Shortcake, Pecan Streusel Cake, New York Cheese Cake with triple berry sauce, Butter Pecan,  Fudge Cake, Maple Chocolate Mania Cake, Chocolate Fondue

2) OR Choose 3 Dessert Platter Choices
DESSERT PLATTER CHOICES: (served buffet style to your guests)
• Fresh Fruit Display - A selection of local and exotic fruits served with a cinnamon maple yogurt dip
• Assorted Squares - Double chocolate brownies, lemon burst, apricot, raspberry, apple sauce squares, pecan squares, butter tart, Nanaimo, carrot cake, baklava
• Assorted Mini Pastries  - Italian cannoli, baklava, chocolate mousse cups, fruit tarts, custard

3) OR Choose to have your Wedding Cake cut and served for dessert with a fresh fruit display with added whipped cream, cinnamon maple yogurt and chocolate sauce for dipping.