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A Special Occasion Permit (SOP) is required (no later than one month before your wedding) if you are planning to sell or serve liquor at special occasions, such as weddings, charity fundraisers and receptions. SOPs are available for any type of location other than a residence. It is unnecessary to obtain an SOP if an event is already being conducted under the authority of a caterer’s endorsement (i.e. host bar, if hiring bartenders from caterer an SOP still required).

Application Process:
1)  complete the Alcohol and Gaming Commission
Special Occasion Permit Application

       noting whether your event is in the "Inn Lounge and Balcony" or the "Fenced
     Lower Lawn and Island Tent"
2)  print a copy of the
Topical Diagram to bring with you to the LCBO Port Perry:
      135 Perry St. L9L 1B8  (905) 985-2392
to purchase your permit. The cost is
     approximately $25.

3)  VERY IMPORTANT: before getting the permit, also print a copy of the
Notification Letter
and fill in the information at the top and sign. Then fax it to
     the fax numbers on the top of this notification. If you do not bring the application,
     the topical diagram AND this previously faxed notification, the LCBO will not give
     you the permit! (This letter
alerts local fire, municipality, building, and police
     departments of your event. Weddings inside the inn do NOT need to fax the building
     department, just the other three).
4)  once a Special Occasion Permit is issued, all liquor for the event must be purchased 
     with the SOP at the LCBO, The Beer Store or any Winery, Brewery or Distillery Store. 
     One exception is the service of homemade wine or beer.

5)  provide a copy of this permit no later than 1 month before your event to Nestleton 
     Waters Inn office.

6)    keep the alcohol purchase receipts and staple to your permit and give to bartender to post 
        the day of wedding or event. Make sure to get them back from the bartender after the
        wedding if you wish to attempt to return to the LCBO any unused alcohol. Be sure to have
        peanuts and/or other snack foods at the bar throughout the duration of your wedding.
7)    be sure your emcee announces that no alcohol can be consumed unless inside the reception
        location or fenced patio areas as “the licensed area must be clearly defined and separated
        from the unlicensed area by a 36” (0.9 metres) high separation” according to the AGCO.
8)    you may want to get PAL insurance for your event. Click on link for options!